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In an effort to expedite the H-1B process, GLC is now advising all prospective employers subject to the 2014-15 H-1B Quota, to send us their H-1B cases as soon as possible. Last year's H-1B CAP was exhausted as of April 11, 2014, GLC wants to provide ample time to all clientele for proper preparation and prompt processing of all H-1Bs. All petitions for H1B quota for 2014-15 must be filed on first week of April 2015 and will have a requested employment start date of October 1, 2015. Contact our office, or visit our web-site for further developments & news. We urge all clients to begin preparation of their H-1B cases immediately.

Recent Immigration News

12/01/2014 Compilation of case examples of mothers and children at the Artesia family detention center who have been granted asylum.
11/26/2014 AAO Sustains Appeal of L-1A, Finding CSC Overlooked Evidence
11/26/2014 USCIS Statistics on Asylum Applications Filed by Nationals of Syria
11/26/2014 USCIS Statistics on Asylum Filings for Minors for FY2014
11/26/2014 Legal Scholars Letter on President Authority to Exercise Discretion
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Immigration Lawyer

Learn more about Global Law Centers, an immigration law firm serving the Orange County and Los Angeles area. We assist in obtaining immigration visas like h1b & green card quickly for individuals or businesses.

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H1B Work Visa

H1B visas are available to workers in specialty or professional occupations. To qualify for the H1B work visa you are required to hold a bachelors degree or higher in a specialty field. Spouses and children may receive H4 visas as well.

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L1 Visa

L1 intra company transfer visas are non-immigrant visas available to persons who work for an overseas company with a branch or affiliate located within the United States. There is currently no annual cap on L-1 visas.

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TN Visa

The TN visa allows select Canada & Mexico citizens to work in the U.S. temporarily. Extensions for these work visas are available in one or three year increments. TN visas, however, are only granted for NAFTA-approved occupations.

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K1 & K3 Fiancé Visas

A trained immigration lawyer can assist you in obtaining a K1 & K3 fiancé visa for your intended spouse. The K1 & K3 fiancé visas are the most effective way of bringing your fiance into the United States.

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Nurse Immigration Visa

Registered Nurses often have an easier time acquiring immigrant visas or green cards than other professions. However, there is a cap to the number of nurse immigration visas granted by the United States each year.

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Labor Certification

An experienced immigration lawyer can assist employers in obtaining labor certification or green cards for their staff. If your business needs advice about labor certification or immigration law for foreign personnel, contact Global Law Centers.

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EB2 Visa

The EB2 visa applies to aliens who possess an advanced degree or demonstrate exceptional ability. An immigration attorney can help explain what the United States defines as exceptional ability for a foreigner seeking the EB2.

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